My name is Dimitris Terzis.
I was born in 1987 in Thessaloniki –Greece.

I have been in love with Caucasians ovcharka since I was young boy.
So when I was 10 years old,I had my first Caucasian ovcharka.
I started to learn every thing that it has to do with Caucasians and generally with dogs.
I learned the standard of the breed and characteristics of Caucasians .
I studied their living conditions and nutrition for proper growth.
When I was 23 now I bought a Caucasian male:
Battyani donci Norisz (CH.MCD, CH.MOLDAVIA, CH.GEORGIA).
Immediatelly I started dreaming of creating a kennel.
In 2011 I officially got the name of my kennel "FIVEHILLS" by the Kennel Club of Greece.

I started buying dogs to create my kennel,
but before any choice I studied very well the lines of each dog.
(I always try to have russian lines).
Slowly kennel 'FIVEHILLS' became real.
I have created new facilities consisting of house and yard for each dog ,
each one of them has good ventilation, great hygiene, large workout area and
two separate areas that hosts the females were give they give birth.
The facilities are constantly being updated in order to achieve the proper development of dogs.

I had my first puppies with the name “FIVEHILLS” ,
and day by day I started breeding the Caucasians ovcharka which I am in love with.
With the support of my wife and co-owner of our kennel we began to take part at dog shows in Greece and other countries. Participation in dog shows is very important to us, since through the great judges from all  around the world
our dogs has been top awarded in Greece and other countries.
In 2012 for the first time I participated in a dog show with my own dog  
Fivehills Bison Apo Kaplani where he won his first B.O.B –Best of  Breed .

The same the dog has been honored with 10 Champion and 30 X BOB in Greece and many countries abroad.
Top honors have been awarded to all of our dogs that live in our kennel.
You can see them at the profile of each dog.
We are members of the 'Greek kennel club of Caucasian shepherd  And Central Asian dogs of Greece'
and in 2014, after a vote of the members of the club I was intensified in the five members group of the club.

Sincerely Dimitris Terzis & Natasa Pavlidou



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